Qeve -free your visuals

Qeve -free your visuals
Teacher: Luca Carrubba
Duration: 2hx2
Qeve is a free tool for live performance and vjing developed by Qe collective with economic support by catalan independent videomaker association Telenoika and Arts Center and New Tecnologies Hangar from Barcelona. Totally written in Puredata, Qeve’s goal is to recreate the same kind of commercial application experience, in an open and collaborative comunity.
Workshop’s aim is to introduce this new tool for video improvisation. The workshop will be presented in two parts, each one about two hours. First part, more theoric, we go to introduce Qeve, talking about why we programed a new vjing software and not used some that does exist. Witch kind of technologies (Puredata, Bash, Python) we used, and how much is important D.I.Y. paradigm in artist production. So I gonna to introduce Qeve’s goals:
Listed below are the Qeve’s goals:

* 3 independent layers
* 5 kind of players (video, 3d, photos, text, paint)
* mix 3d and 2d graphic in real time
* a video recorder sequencer to re-use your gig in real-time
* live streaming through giss.tv servers
* text animation path and draw tool
* Audio analysis in real time
* simple midi configuration
* totally controllable by OpenSoundControl
* Wiimote support to control 3d movements
* Support for Nintendo DS and iPod touch / iPhone as Wifi controller
* Save and load your preferred videodeck
* Mouse control position for each layer
* Different transitions
* Linux and Mac support
* it’s free

After this presentation I gonna to make a little demo to demonstrate Qeve’s skills.

The second session will be practice. With participants we’ll install Qeve in participant’s notebooks and make a collective vjing session.



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