pdvjtools – an introduction to Pure Data video

pdvjtools – an introduction to Pure Data video
Teacher: Sergi Lario / Luca Carrubba
Duration: 2h
The workshop will be focused in two directions:

– an introduction to manage video with Pure Data
Basically how to get video sources and manipulate with Gem and pdp libraries, stressing the differences between they and their combination

– pdvjtools presentation
Pure Data Visual Junk Tools aka pdvjtools is a bunch of externals meant to be helpful for the visual work in Pure Data.
It can be usefull to get inputs like propose future improvements or new externals.
The pdvjtools externals are conceived and developed during open lab sessions (opendijous) that take place on Thursdays at the center of visual arts productions Hangar in Barcelona.

This workshop could be interesting for people whose never play video with Pure Data and presents previous knowledge for the others video Pure Data workshops.



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