Obra (workshop – performance)

Obra (workshop – performance)
The work is supported in the new medias, new tecnologies, from the
Interactive sound system, conscious attentive and critic sight, that
makes the audience participate from the physical and intelectual point
of view. In wich the showing and the casual view isn’t enough, a close up
is neccesary, an inttention, gesture from the spectator in order to make
a nice readding work.
The nature of the audiovisual work correspond to the production and
manipulation in real time, of images and sounds that review the
informatic experience, its history and images. Expressing the
omnipressence of the information and the conflict with the excess of
itself. The work it’s shown as a cooperative moment, where one or more
audience members are transformed in co-authors

Technical script

The work in a physical appeareance, is a table or desk, in wich images
and videos with or without sound, are proyected in its surface. This
parameters can be controled by the users and in each side of the table
are sensors and potetionmeters conected to a arduino plaque, that will
perform as an interface with pure data, wich finally will process in live
time the audiovisuals proposed.

ministrante: Jose Luis Santorcuato Tapia
Bachiller en Musica PUC, Profesor de Música U Mayor, Postitulado en Artes Nuevas Tecnologías y Multimedios Interactivos U de Chile, candidato a Magíster en Artes Mediales U de Chile.


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