HacktheDj! (HTDj!)

HacktheDj! (HTDj!)
Teacher: Xavi Manzanares
Duration: 3h.
Abstract: HTDj! ::HackTheDj! :: its a tool programmed with the visual programming language pure-data, designed for the audio performances at real time….Basically is a dual sequencer with 5 samples and 3 shynths and 1 audio-external-looper. You’ll build rythm sequences with particular durations, that you’ll articulate with closed cycling patterns, as well as with other no-conventional cycling patterns. You can alternate those cycles between percussive patterns, or continuous fluxes patterns

The instrument includes:
-a glitchy synth (Fm synthesis) based on asincronic patterns (code borrowed by an emmanuelle mazza’s patch reprogrammed from an autechre’s max/msp patch)
-a granular synth for re-synthesis the rest of the audio buses
-a bassline with 10 voices based on a translation graph 2 frequencies.
-a rythm box with a hypertextual sequencer (linear, looper, reverse and shuttle evolution of the sequence)
-a polyrythm patterns based on breakcore-idm style of a quick rythm pattern over a slow ryhtm pattern.
-Fx, sidechain emulator, panning with 3 physical modelling patterns
-GISStreamer : an audio streamer on Giss network
-multitrack recorder

muzik made with HTDj!s and further developements:


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