GenerativeAudioNomadLab::::::::: the art of patching

GenerativeAudioNomadLab::::::::: the art of patching
Teacher: Oscar Martin Caedes and Xavi Manzanares
Duration: 3 + 3 h
Abstract: Horizontal and practise Lab for joint(colaborative) construccion of abstraciones-plugins, focused on realtime audio performance.

For it at the start of the LaB we will do a graph of collective desires on the workshop , giving form to the different parts and modules (abstractions) for the assembly of a final patch-instrument that we will use in a collective jam-ssesion at the end of the lab.

These plugins were working as modules that going to be available in the web or wiki of the event and in the dynamic web GenerativeAuDIYoLab, and that in future editions being developed, recycled, for others participants allowing also a continuity and connection with the LAB. The idea is to built a collection of pure data experimental audio abstractions.

areas of work
mutants FXs
asimetric and no linear sequencers
no conventional sintetizers
generative process (caos teory, fractals)
sonic deconstructions

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