Enhancing Pure Data Interactivity with Computer Vision

Enhancing Pure Data Interactivity with Computer Vision
Teacher: Lluis Gomez i Bigorda
Collaborators: Yves Degoyon / Sergi Lario / Luca Carrubba / Xavi Manzanares / Oscar Martin Caedes
Duration: 4x3h + 1

Nowadays Computer Vision is acquiring a growing relevance in the field of interactive arts. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce some computer vision techniques which are the base of the actual pd_opencv library, a very basic set of objects, utilities and examples to use those techniques inside the Pure Data programming language. At the same time we introduce some practical examples of the possible use cases on this topic.

The performance of Computer Vision techniques is allways limited by the fact of obtain the adequate captured images, and by the way the term “adequate image” here depends on the specific technique we want to use to analize it. For that reason in an introductory workshop like this one the participants are aimed to work in small pieces, as being “hands on work” with CV is the best way to adcquire the necessary experience to deal with that issues.

Basic skills of Pure Data are required to the participants.



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