Intro to GLSL in Pd/GEM

Workshop: Intro to GLSL in Pd/GEM
Based on the GLSL abstraction library for Pd/GEM (proposed in my article Pd ” External to GLSL in Pd/GEM)” I’d like to give an introduction workshop on how to use the OpenGL
Shading Language within Pd/Gem. I will demonstrate how to write vertex and fragment shaders and show how to include them into GEM patches. I will also give an introduction to
the library and show example shaders that come with it.
The workshop will also show differences in speed between different ways to do the same thing: using abstractions vs. using [repeat] vs using shaders. It will explain the problems with the different hardware vendors (ATI vs Nvidia). Files and material for the workshop will also be provided online.

Ministrante: Marius Schebella (ver biografia no Anexo II)


~ by karlaufba on May 4, 2009.

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