GT1: The oracle machine

GT1: The oracle machine
As a general rule, it seem that magic tends to multiply the elements involved in ritual, to such an extent that it seems to be providing itself with loop-holes, and often successfully. It is natural for a magician to take refuge behindquestions of procedure and technicalities, to protect himself. Compared with the infinity of possible symbolic actions, or even those actually found throughout the world, the number used in a single magical system is singularly limited. When arranging the natural numbers in a spiral and emphasizing the prime numbers, an intriguing and not fully explained pattern is observed. We should be able to assert that symbolic systems are always limited by codes, if we could find genuine catalogs of sympathetic rites. The fact the all sh(p)ells are formulas and that virtually all non verbal rites also have their formulas shows at once to what degree all magic is formalistic. If the oracle cannot be a machine, no logic formula is complete. This performance is inspired by Alan Turing’s paper “System of Logic based on Ordinals”, 1938-9.

Proponente: Eleonora Oreggia


~ by karlaufba on May 4, 2009.

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